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For those going through the complicated disorder that is addiction, you need professional help from a provider like Howell Recovery. Before you can receive this kind of treatment, however, you need to come to terms with your condition by admitting to yourself and your family that you have a problem you can’t control or beat on your own. Once you have realized that addiction is a chronic brain disease, you will have taken the first step. Take the second step by calling our drug rehab center in Erie, Pennsylvania. Below is a few aspects of our addiction recovery regimen.



After eliminating denial, you will eliminate the harmful toxins that keep you dependent upon your drug of choice. While your body goes through this process of expelling the chemicals, you will go through unfortunate symptoms. At Howell Recovery, we make sure you are safe and secure by watching over you interminably. Not only is it our job to see that you are comfortable, we have to make sure that your foundation for long-term recovery is established. With the help of our professionals at our addiction recovery center in Erie, you will get through this trying time and move on to comprehensive solutions.


Personal Therapy

Then you will begin setting up your personalized and comprehensive addiction recovery plan with a counselor. You will speak with the therapist and receive professional advice for getting through recovery and sustaining sobriety. This will also be where you are screened for dual diagnosis mental health issues. Around half the people we treat for addiction are also going through an underlying mental health issue that needs to be addressed before effectively treating the addiction. With this holistic and comprehensive treatment, you will be on your way to overcoming drug abuse.


Group Therapy

The next step will be to continue therapy in a communal setting, where other clients will listen to your thoughts, feelings, and challenges. You will also listen to their similar struggles and exchange insight and advice on how to withstand cravings and avoid triggers. This will be a life-changing experience. The empathy you will have here knows no bounds. Group sessions will inspire you, motivate you, and show you that you are not alone is this fight. At our drug rehab facility in Erie, you will never be alone.



Even after you leave our substance abuse treatment clinic in Erie, you will have the support and care of everyone you’ve met. In addition, you will depart with the comprehensive and customized addiction treatment plan that will have been altered continuously. To begin your new life and break free of the dependence on drugs, call Howell Recovery today. We will begin setting up your appointment for a free consultation at our addiction recovery clinic in Erie, Pennsylvania. Don’t wait, everything changes today.