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What is the rehabilitation process like?

Rehabilitation is a process that combines medication and psychotherapy to address substance abuse problems. Often, it is difficult to know what the process is like since treatment options vary depending on individual needs. Nevertheless, a good addiction recovery program should offer services that include addiction screening and assessments, a drug detox clinic, education services, and support services.


Effectiveness of Rehabilitation

The primary goal at our substance abuse treatment center is helping individuals overcome problems related to substance addiction and lead healthy lives. The program offered by our addiction treatment facility ensures that individuals avoid the consequences of addiction.

Importance of Supervised Detox

Prolonged substance abuse creates physical and psychological dependence on the substance of choice. As a result, it becomes challenging to wean the body of this reliance. Once an individual stops abusing an addictive substance, they typically go into a withdrawal phase, beginning the addiction recovery process. During this time, clients experience psychological and physical symptoms that can precipitate relapses into substance abuse. The severity of these symptoms can have debilitating consequences.


It is crucial that clients participate in supervised detox to minimize the impact of withdrawal. As such, supervised detox is recommended for individuals in our drug rehab program. The length of detox can vary based on conditions.


Role of Dual Diagnosis

Dual diagnosis is essential in the rehab process, as it helps isolate both preexisting mental problems and issues with substance abuse. Effective treatment addresses both conditions in the treatment program. Also, a majority of clients with substance abuse disorders exhibit psychological or behavioral health problems.


Quality of Care in Our Substance Abuse Treatment Facility

At our addiction recovery facility, we offer inpatient, outpatient, and hybrid rehab services. No matter which program you choose, our drug rehab centers follow the same admission procedure. The inpatient program at our substance abuse treatment facility strives to distance clients from the environment that influences addictive tendencies. Also, round the clock care is provided by our team of highly specialized and competent personnel. Inpatient care helps eliminate stresses and temptations that lead individuals into addiction during the detox and rehab phases.


In our addiction treatment facility, you will find round the clock assistance and supervision by our professionals. In addition to that, clients are provided with a conducive environment in which to live. Howell Recovery addiction treatment center offers luxury and executive accommodation options. On the other hand, our outpatient services give clients the flexibility and anonymity they desire. Treatment allows clients maintain a measure of their responsibilities during rehabilitation. Typically, they attend treatment sessions during the day and return home to fulfill their other responsibilities. Outpatient treatment is recommended for clients with short-term addiction problems.

Aftercare Support Services

Upon discharge from the addiction recovery program, clients are offered support services. Services provided include group and individual therapy sessions. These interactive sessions help determine the causes of a client’s addiction. Therapy sessions are typically under the guidance of an addiction specialist. During treatment, clients are encouraged to share their experiences honestly. By doing so, they can overcome denial associated with substance abuse as well as avoid delusions.


At Howell Recovery, we provide both long-term and short-term rehab programs to clients. Treatment in our drug rehab center is tailored to meet the specific needs of a client, and we will never hesitate to customize a plan for addiction recovery care to better suit the needs of our individual clients. Contact us for the answers to any questions you might have about our addiction recovery program, or to schedule an appointment regarding enrollment our services.