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Drug Addiction Treatment

Drug addiction is a very serious concern that needs to be treated as on soon as possible. It is necessary to seek out a qualified rehabilitation facility to get personalized services. The Howell Recovery drug rehab clinic, located in Newport Beach, California, is a perfect example of a drug rehab center with an excellent reputation offering quality treatment to clients.


Importance of supervised detox

To ensure that clients complete their treatment, the Howell Recovery substance abuse treatment facility offers supervised detox to clients. Supervised detox is one of the major treatment processes for drug addiction at the drug detox clinic. Apart from ensuring safe withdrawal, supervised detox guarantees expert symptom relief, safe and supportive environment, and availability of medical support in case of an emergency.


Importance of Dual Diagnosis

Dual diagnosis is vital in health treatment because it helps to discover other illnesses apart from the addiction problem. Studies indicate that individuals suffering from drug addiction may be suffering from a co-occurring mental illnesses. Clients at the Howell Recovery addiction recovery center will be screen to determine if dual diagnosis is appropriate for their situation.


Safety and care of the facility

The Howell Recovery rehab facility puts the safety and welfare of its clients as the first priority and has necessary security measures in place. Rehab facilities need to be well secured like other healthcare facilities. The centers are examples of long-term care settings that face many security challenges.


This facility has its own security officers that work together with local law enforcement to ensure maximum security. Apart from the guards posted at the entrance, the center has security officers in every ward. The addiction treatment center is clean and well maintained, with beautiful gardens to provide a serene environment for clients.


Community within the rehab

Since the Howell Recovery rehab center is a long-term care setting, clients are encouraged to take part in the community. Clients come together in an extended support group to help each other in addiction recovery. Clients in different stages of the addiction recovery program come together to discuss and share their personal sources of hope, coping strategies, and personal experiences during these group sessions.


Such groups have been important in ensuring that everyone in our drug rehab facility continues to progress toward recovery. There is a need for recovery support after completing major treatment programs, and that is when such groups become necessary.


Importance of speaking honestly

Honesty when it comes to recovery, and the Howell Recovery addiction treatment facility emphasizes the need for openness within the rehab environment. To begin with, clients are supposed to be honest about their problem or condition for them to receive the right type of treatment.


Dishonesty can lead to severe consequences, including prolonged recovery periods. Our drug rehab facility offers a safe and comfortable environment for clients to openly talk about their challenges.


Individualized and unique treatment

The Howell Recovery addiction recovery facility recognizes that each client has unique needs that require unique and individualized treatment plans. The rehab clinic designs special detriment plans for its clients to ensure that they receive the best treatment. Personalized treatment ensures that clients get the much-needed attention and care for quick recovery.


Also, some clients may not open up when a drug rehab facility offers generalized treatment. Apart from the general interventions, the center assigns each client a specialized to take them through the recovery journey.


The process of rehabilitation

The first step in the rehabilitation process is the assessment of the client through mental health screening, physical examination, and interviews. The second stage is a supervised detoxification that involves intensive monitoring and assisted detox to cleanse the body of all harmful substances. The third stage is the rehabilitation stage that involves both group and individual therapy. The final stage is aftercare where the rehabilitation process continues in the real world. This may include prescription management and follow-up therapy.