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As drug and alcohol addiction claims the lives of tens of thousands of Americans each year, it is more important than ever that treatment options are available to help individuals struggling with the disease. Our drug rehab centers are committed to providing in-house treatment for individuals who need help to quit abusing controlled substances. We provide an addiction recovery program focused on individual and group therapy that is catered to the unique needs of each client.


Providing a safe environment for growth is essential, and we ensure each drug rehab facility is staffed by knowledgeable and compassionate employees who are committed to helping others. At our addiction recovery center in Chandler, Arizona, we specialize in providing dual diagnosis mental health treatment to any client who requires it. Our commitment to quality care extends beyond our program as we match clients with aftercare facilities to maximize their chance at a successful long term recovery.


Clients arriving at our drug detox clinic are given a health assessment before proceeding with supervised detoxification. We encourage individuals to undergo supervised detox, because it is safer than detoxing alone, where complications might go unnoticed. Dangerous withdrawal symptoms in excess of the expected stomach cramps, headaches, and chills can cause serious problems for those who have struggled with long term addiction. Complications are also more common for those addicted to certain substances, including alcohol. Our staff are available day and night to call for help in case of heart palpitations or signs of stroke. They are also available to provide the much-needed support that often makes the difference between success and relapse.


Therapy is a central part of treatment at our addiction recovery facility, and clients generally take part in two forms of therapy: individual and group. During individual therapy sessions, clients meet with a therapist with whom they can build a trusting relationship over the course of treatment. Individual therapy often includes dual diagnosis treatment, wherein our specialists address both the co-occurring mental health disorder and the addiction.


Group therapy is also an important part of addiction recovery, in that it allows clients to interact with others who are experiencing similar struggles throughout treatment. These sessions consist of multiple clients and a therapist who leads the discussion on a specific topic each meeting. Clients can interact with their peers, offering support and advice. Often times, these sessions not only reinforce that individuals are supported, they also offer new perspective separate from what can be given by our staff.


The supportive environment within our substance abuse treatment facility is often in stark contrast to the stress of everyday life, which is why the time directly after leaving our addiction recovery program is especially difficult for clients. In order to smooth the transition, we encourage all of our clients to work with staff members to locate and contact aftercare treatment centers close to home. One of the best options for immediate aftercare is sober living facilities, where individuals live among others to maintain their newfound sobriety.


Because these places have an in-house support group and encourage routine, they provide a smooth transition between our addiction treatment facility and home. Regardless of whether clients transition into sober living housing, we always work to find them therapists in their hometowns to continue individual therapy sessions. We can also assist in finding local support groups that are similar to group therapy in terms of fostering support.


With more Americans than ever trapped in the cycle of addiction, now is the time to find help in overcoming this disease. At our addiction treatment center in Chandler, Arizona, we are committed to providing our clients with a safe environment to grow as individuals as they work to conquer their dependence on controlled substances.